Multilingual Parenting - the Fun Way

LIVE Special Training Event on Tuesday 30th March

12pm Pacific time / 3pm New York time / 8pm London time

I want to help you and your kids fall in love with languages, so you can learn a new language together as a family.

Shannon Kennedy here from Fluent in 3 Months.

Since my son’s birth, I’ve aimed to raise my kids to speak three languages: English, French, and Mandarin Chinese. I’m not a native speaker of either French or Chinese, so sometimes that means learning alongside my kids.

Learning together can be an engaging way to get the kids on board with a new language. And from over a decade of language learning experience, and five years teaching languages to my kids, I want to share how you can do it too.

During the training, you’ll learn:

  • My 3 frameworks for a multilingual home
  • Resources that are ideal to learn a language together with your kids
  • How to nurture a love for languages in your children - and what to do if your kids resist language learning

The training is a two-hour session. In the first hour, I’ll share what’s working for me as a multilingual parent, and in the second hour, I’ll open it up for any questions you may have.

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Your Instructor

Shannon Kennedy
Shannon Kennedy

Course creator and community manager of the Fluent in 3 Months Challenge. Author of "The Courage to Speak". Speaks English, French, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Croatian, Japanese, Korean, Hungarian, Hebrew, Hindi, Persian, German, Italian and Spanish.

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