Motivation Killers in Language Learning

And How to Beat Them

"I start learning a language... then I quit."

If you've always wanted to speak another language, but you never seem to get past the initial stages, this is the webinar for you.

In this live webinar, Benny Lewis shares the vital ingredient most language courses miss: motivation.

Hello! Benny Lewis here from Fluent in 3 Months.

With over 300,000 email subscribers and 1.25 million website visitors every month, I’ve helped people all over the world learn languages, travel better, and live more fulfilled lives. Now I want to help you too!

I speak seven languages fluently, and many more to a conversational level. A big reason I speak so many languages is because I’ve learned how to kick-start my motivation, and beat the most common motivation killers.

Now I want to help you supercharge your motivation.

Have you ever felt any of the following:

  • “I'm afraid to talk with other people”
  • ‘I'm not sure I'm doing this right”
  • "I study so much, but I still can't speak the language"
  • "I'm not sure who to speak to"
  • "I don't understand what people are saying in my target language"
  • "I'm not good enough to speak yet"
  • "My friends don't understand why I learn languages - I'm the weird one"

I know what it’s like to feel these things, because I’ve been there. I’ve lost motivation in language learning several times. And if you get lost in these thoughts, they can hold you back from making progress - or even learning anything at all.

In my Motivation Killers webinar, I’ll show you simple steps so you can find motivation when it matters.

The insights I’ll share will help you:

  • Build your confidence so you'll have a sense of "I can do this!"
  • Stay focused - no more false starts
  • Go beyond ‘false beginner’ level and actually stick-with-it

If you’ve ever started learning a language - and fallen off the wagon - this learning is for you.

With my easy to apply mindset shifts, you’ll go from someone who wants to speak a new language, to someone who is actively learning.

During the training I share:

  • The most common motivation killers - and how to beat them
  • How to find the right level of motivation that works for you and keeps you learning
  • My story of losing motivation (including through depression) and the shifts I made to rebuild my passion for languages
  • How to be a "glass half-full" person when you think about language learning
  • How I break down big goals to make them more achievable

You'll be learning these insights direct from me.

In this webinar package you’ll get:

  • A 75-minute webinar with Benny Lewis, founder of Fluent in 3 Months
  • Access to the webinar replay (the Q&A session will also be in the replay)
  • A downloadable PDF guide

Here’s more of what I share in the training:

  • Small tweaks to start building momentum in your language learning (before you know it, you'll have created a snowball effect)
  • 4 simple phrases to memorise in your target language that will drastically increase your confidence - and make you a better language learner (and conversation partner)
  • How writing down my mistakes and making a big deal of them helps keep me motivated
  • "Eye opening" methods so you'll see how much progress you're making (so many people miss this)
  • 3 specific areas you can pay attention so you better understand native speakers
  • How to know when it is right to step back from language learning and take time to heal (because sometimes life happens)
  • Why learning vocabulary and grammar isn't enough - and focusing on these can turn you away from languages for life
  • 7 mindset shifts to build motivation that lasts - and find passion and love for your target language

You’ll walk away with a set of motivation tools so you can build motivation whenever you need to.

The training is a 90-minute session. In the first section, I’ll share how to beat the most common motivation killers. Then I’ll open it up for any questions you may have.

Follow this link to register now.

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