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The Fluent in 3 Months Black Friday Collection 2017 includes:

The Language Gym -
Lifetime Membership

VALUE: $147

Learn a language in just a few minutes a day – and stick with it for life.

The Language Gym is inspired by Choose Your Path story books – you pick what happens next. I've built the Language Gym framework (with cliffhangers to keep you hooked and coming back for more); you choose the language workouts that are right for you… that fit perfectly with your life and needs.

Inside The Language Gym you’ll find:

  • 21 daily modules – where you'll discover how to make language learning part of your everyday life, no matter how busy you are.
  • The private framework I use to build new habits – once you've applied this to language learning, you can use it to create new habits in any area of your life.
  • 20+ plug-and-play Language Gym workouts.
  • 11 video workouts (with myself, Shannon Kennedy and James Johnson) where you'll discover my insider hacks that make language learning easy and fun.
  • A 10-week accountability programme to make sure you stick-with-it, every day.

Fluent in 3 Months Premium -
Lifetime Membership

VALUE: $97

Fluent in 3 Months Premium gives you everything you need to become a language hacker, including:

  • My Speak from Day 1 video course
  • 10 masterclass interviews with some of the world’s greatest polyglots
  • Conversation Connector Packages for 24 languages
  • Immersion Resource Kits for 12 languages
  • A step-by-step language hacker’s roadmap.
  • Mini-missions and language challenges
  • Plus much more...

My Complete Easy Languages Package

VALUE: $234

This pack of 6 language guides is a fantastic resource even if you’re not currently learning the specific language in the guide. In each guide, you’ll learn hacks and tips that will give you a HUGE boost if you’re learning that language. Plus you’ll pick up hacks you can apply to any language.

The guides included are:

  • Why Spanish is Easy (value: $39)
  • Why French is Easy (value: $39)
  • Why German is Easy (value: $39)
  • Why Italian is Easy (value: $39)
  • Why English is Easy (value: $39)
  • Why Chinese is Easy (value: $39)

$25 Discount Voucher for the Add1Challenge

Learn a new language to conversational level in just 3 months. By taking the Add1Challenge, you’ll be ready to have a 15 minute conversation with a native speaker after just 90 days (Note: The next Add1Challenge will launch in January 2018).

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