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Hold a 15-min Conversation with a Native Speaker in 90 Days – Or Your Money Back

Want to learn a new language in 90 days? The next Add1 starts on 7th October 2019. Limited spots available. When it’s full, it’s full, so secure your spot today.

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Do you want to...

  • Learn a new language
  • Live and work overseas
  • Open your mind to different cultures
  • Make new friends from other countries
  • Travel the world (freely and comfortably)
  • Develop deeper connection with your family
  • Talk to new people and have great conversations

We’ve seen people achieve all of these dreams and more with Add1.

That's me scuba diving in Indonesia, achieving one of my dreams. I love how languages give me the confidence to travel the world, and meet all kinds of interesting people.

Not tomorrow. Not next year. Right now. Add1 is about learning a new language right now through speaking -- which is the most effective way to learn if you want to use your new language to connect with people.

Time and again students tell us “I always wanted to learn a new language, and I tried a million different techniques, but it only actually happened when I joined Add1.”

We created the Add1 to fix the two biggest problems language learners face, and give you a complete mindset shift. I’ll explain how we do that in a moment.

First, remember this: After just 90 days in Add1 you’ll have a 15 minute conversation with a native speaker in your new language.

I guarantee it, or I’ll give you your money back.

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Limited spots available

The #1 Myth
About Language Acquisition

Want to know why Add1 is so powerful? It’s actually pretty simple.

In Add1 I’ve seen 1,000’s of language learners become comfortable speaking a new language -- in real conversations with new friends they’ve made from around the world.

How is it that a reasonably priced, 90 day language program achieves something that many expensive university language courses (costing thousands of dollars, and taking years to complete) fail to do?

Here’s what we’ve discovered. There’s a huge myth about language learning. Many, many language learners believe it -- and it makes me so angry that they’ve been sold this tall tale! The sad truth is this harmful belief holds back language learners and keeps them stuck at the stage of false beginner.

So what is the myth?

If you’ve ever tried to learn a language,
you’ve almost certainly experienced this...

For the first few days (or maybe weeks) you’re excited about your new language. It’s thrilling! You’re learning new things. You get the buzz of “I can do this”.

Then it starts to get overwhelming. The more you learn, the more you see how far you’ve got to go. You start to feel you’ll never get to the stage where you can do what you want to do: use your new language skills in real conversations.

So you end up skipping a day. Then a couple days pass. After a week or so you tell yourself “I’m just not that good at languages”.

You’ve bought the myth. You’ve told yourself: “Some people are naturally gifted at languages. And I’m not one of them.”

So, what’s the problem?

Most language courses ignore this myth.

Instead, they focus on vocabulary, or grammar, or listening skills, or reading and writing. Don’t get me wrong. These are all important skills -- and you will have to tackle them as a language learner. But they’re not the real obstacle to learning a language.

The biggest roadblock? The myth that you’re not good at languages. This belief makes so many language learners just give up. And when you quit, you make that belief stronger.

So that you can step out of this vicious cycle, let me tell you something about you that’s 100% true.

What I’m about to share proves that you’re good at learning languages. You’ll want to remember this.

Here it is: You already speak at least one language to fluency. As you’re reading this, it’s most likely English. You’ve got no issues with learning languages.

This is your new mantra. You might even want to write it down. “I am perfectly capable and ready to learn a new language.


The “Secret” of Why Add1 Works

There are so many language courses out there. More than ever. So why the need for Add1?

Here’s why: Most language courses ignore the problems that Add1 tackles. And these are the core problems that hold language learners back.

Let me state this clearly. The problem is not lack of resources. And it’s not your ability to learn languages. You’re already a language ace!

The roadblock to fluency is something else. And that’s why we created Add1.

The Real Key to Learning a Language

The key to learning a language involves two core skills:

Speaking with native speakers as much as you can. Even when you’re a complete beginner. That means you’re practising the skill you want to learn. It’s also incredibly rewarding.

Sticking with it. This is the biggest challenge. Some people can just stick-with-it come what may, which is why they appear gifted at languages. But what you’re seeing is not actually a gift for languages. They’ve just learned to keep at it no matter what. Most of us need help with this.

We created the Add1 to fix the two biggest problems language learners face,
and give you a complete mindset shift.

With Add1 you’ll find:

Confidence to speak a new language -- and have comfortable conversations with native speakers. Add1 shows you how to unlock your love of languages and find the confidence to finally connect.

Grit to work through false starts, leap over hurdles of self doubt and get it done. You really can succeed in languages and become consistent -- no matter what your past history tells you..

In fact, you’ll build your confidence and experience so much after just 90 days with Add1 that you’ll be shouting from the rooftops about your 15 minute conversation at the end of it. And we’ll be celebrating right along with you.

It’s no surprise that many students come back to Add1 to learn a third, fourth and fifth language. Add1 is invigorating. It works. And learning languages can be addictive.

Add1 students tell us that taking part has helped them:

Find time to learn a language, even when they’ve thought they had no time

Develop the confidence to have comfortable conversations in another language

Travel the world with their new language skills, explore other cultures, and even find a job overseas

Make new friends from all around the world who love languages and learning

Change their lives by opening up the possibility to reach other lifelong goals

You need to use the language in as many ways as you can and doing that as a part of this focused community will give you staying power.

We don’t tell you what to learn -- that’s the failed approach to language learning.

We show you how to learn a language. This is one of the most powerful skills you can master.


Could you do it on your own?

Yes – you could do it alone – and you’d need a cast iron will, and many years of trial and error (lots of Add1 students have tried and failed for years to learn a language before joining us).

If you’ve dreamed of learning a language but never actually got your plan off the ground, Add1 will launch you into the sky and show you how to soar.

Add1 – Here’s What’s Inside

Inside Add1, you'll find yourself part of a team of top-level language learners, cheering one another on, going heart-to-heart on wins and setbacks, and sharing personal hacks for language learning, and providing a touch of friendly competition.

With Add1, you’ll gain

  • Confidence to start speaking a new language in real conversations
  • Passion and motivation to learn something new every day
  • 90 Days of access to a 1-1 language coach via chat messaging
  • A guided 90-day program to show you step-by-step how to learn a new language. This is the most powerful part of the Add1 system -- we’ve invested thousands of hours in creating a method for language learning that is results driven.
  • Assignments and Mini-challenges -- designed to get you breakthrough results, helping you move towards your goal and beyond your fear of speaking.
  • New friends from around the world in a private community of inspired language learners who love languages as much as you do and share the same focused goal.
  • Access to our unique Add1 Daily Check-in system so you can track your daily work and see each other’s progress.
  • Direct Access to Polyglots and Language Learning Experts who have dedicated their lives to language learning and can speak multiple languages (once a month via Youtube Live Broadcast). This is when you can ask your burning questions related to language learning.
  • Battle-tested recommendations of effective language learning resources (paid and free) used and recommended by the Add1 community. With over 30 successfully completed Add1 projects under our belts, we have amassed an impressive list of resources that we’ve put together, assembled with the experience and knowledge gained from past victories, as well as things our community members found useful. These include tutor recommendations, our favorite learning tools, and tens of thousands of “conversation ready” sentences in different languages.
  • Access to our private Add1 community. As a part of Add1, you’re becoming a member of an established community of learners that love sharing and supporting their peers. You’ll get access to the conversations, successes and advice shared by our members. Here you will find that you can ask a number of polyglots about their language learning secrets.
  • Membership in an Add1 Dream Team (optional): Touch base, share victories, insights, struggles and encouragement, and schedule online gatherings to practise your new language.
  • Discounted access to future Add1 programs. We’ve found that once someone has completed one Add1, they want to return for more! So we’ve put discount plans in place for Add1 alumni to make it more affordable for repeat students. There are many who take advantage of Add1Maintenance, Add1Advance or learn a totally new language with another standard Add1 package.
  • Prizes! -- We give away hundreds of $$$ of prizes (including flights!) in every Add1 to the top performing challengers.

How Add1 Works

Before Add1:

  • Registration process to ensure a committed and awesome community
  • Create your own non-negotiable routine goal
  • You start Add1 on Day 1 and end on Day 90 together with other committed language learners from around the world
  • Gain access to our private Add1 Community and start connecting and getting your questions answered about the program and about your language learning process

During Add1:

  • Begin to implement your learning routine
  • Track your daily work with the Add1 Daily Check-in
  • Mini-Challenges and Assignments designed for you to get breakthrough results
  • Make Day 0, 30 and 60 update videos to see your progress and inspire others
  • 90 days of support + 90 day Add1 Course delivered to you via email
  • Connect with seasoned polyglots and receive a variety of solutions
  • Get assigned to your Dream Team (optional) and practice speaking regularly
  • Direct access to experienced polyglots in Burning Questions Hangouts once a month

After Add1:

  • Complete Add1 by having a 15-min conversation with a native speaker on video within 5 days after day 90
  • Once you have completed your 15-min conversation and shared your video, you will have taken a giant leap in your language learning journey!
  • Continue your winning streak with Add1Maintenance or Add1Advance
  • Get ready for your chance to win Free Plane Tickets (max. value $500 USD) to the country of your target language during the Add1 Finale!

Here’s What Our Students are Saying About Add1:

"I went past my 15-minute goal… to 30 minutes!"

I’ve done a lot of language studying that wasn’t really focused before. Then I found Add1 and signed up. [At the beginning of Add1] I could fit probably everything I knew about Italian into less than 30 seconds. And at the end of the 90 days, I made a video that went past my 15 minute goal. The video itself lasted 30 minutes. So I had a 30 minute, completely linear conversation in Italian after studying for 90 days.

- Tina Crouch

"One of the best methods to learn a second language"

“I was terrified when I first began because I didn’t want to be embarrassed. We all have the kind of feeling where we think people are going to laugh or think we’re ridiculous. But [it was the] complete opposite, all the people that I met were thrilled to be helping you with their language. I truly believe it is one of the best methods by which to go about learning a second language, third language, fourth language even. It’s fantastic.”

- Eamon Gilligan

“The community will be there to support you”

"I wanted to talk to people in a different language, and that's definitely what this challenge will get you to do. Even as life gets in the way, the community will be there to support you!"

- Brandon Santos

"Motivates you to keep trying"

"With Add1 I was able to share with other people who were also having problems with motivation, and you could see that it's normal, everyone passes through that. Add1 really motivates you to keep trying! You'll get there, you will achieve your goal!"

- Tanise Carvalho

“What did it for me was accountability”

What really did it for me with Add1 was accountability and the support from the other people who are in exactly the same boat.”

- Sharon Thomas


Thousands of language learners like Tina, Brandon, Tanise, Sharon and Eamon have learned a new language with the Add1… and you can, too.

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Who is #Add1 for?

The Add1Challenge is for you if:

  • You want to learn a new language, and you need help staying motivated
  • You’re inspired by the idea of being part of a vibrant community of language learners
  • You’d like to be an active community member and make new friends who love languages as much as you do
  • You’re keen to experiment with new methods for language learning and push beyond your comfort zone
  • You’re ready to take your language learning to the next level
  • You’re willing to share updates on your progress -- including occasional video updates
  • You’re age 18 or over

The Add1Challenge is not for you if:

  • You want a quick and easy fix to speaking a new language -- we get results for a reason! This is program is not for the faint of heart
  • You believe language learning can only take place in an official school environment
  • You would never in a million years share a video of yourself (though bear in mind that some people start the Add1 feeling uncertain about making videos and you have the option of a voice only recording)
  • You like to stay well inside your comfort zone
  • You’re not ready to commit to one language for three months
  • You’re under 18 (sorry, no minors)

The Add1 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We’re confident the Add1 will work for you, which is why we offer a 90-day money back guarantee.

If you complete the Add1 program and you’re not satisfied with your results, we’ll give you all your money back. All we ask is that you’ve followed the program to the best of your ability, and that you send us your 4 progress videos (Day 0, 30, 60 and 90).

What are you waiting for? The time to finally realize your language dream is NOW!

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