Fluent in 3 Months 2022 All-Access Webinar Pass

Get access to all this year’s webinars with Benny the Irish Polyglot

Join Benny Lewis for all of his webinars in 2022 - you can join live or access the recording.

Benny is hosting a series of LIVE webinars for language learners in 2022, and each one will include a Q&A where you can ask Benny any questions you have.

Benny’s 2022 webinar plans include:

How to Ace a 90-Day Language Challenge

Insights from Language Coaches who've supported thousands of students

Why Learning Languages is Easier Than You Think

The myths that make languages hard - and how to beat them

The Vocab Vault

Benny's exact processes for learning new vocabulary

The Language Detective

How to find authentic content in your target language at the right level for you

The "200 Mistakes a Day" Method

How to use mistakes to improve your language skills

How to Find a Conversation Partner

Create real connections with native speakers and make friends for life

60-Minute Language Learner 

A breakdown of Benny's one hour process for learning the basics of a language

Anki Power Up 

How to get the most from Anki as a language learner

21 Basic Language Hacks Every Language Learner Should Know

Benny's top language hacks

Level Up Your Listening 

Learn with active listening of podcasts, YouTube videos, Netflix, etc.

Conversation Hacking 

How to keep up the conversation in a new language

Grammar Hijack

The exact grammar hacks Benny uses when learning a new language

Each webinar will cost $47 to attend, however you’ll get an all-access pass so you’ll have unlimited access to all of Benny’s 2022 webinars (including attending live, and recordings).

Get the Fluent in 3 Months 2022 All-Access Webinar Pass here